Despite Reforms, Abuse Continues at Texas Institutions for Disabled

Disabled residents at the Mexia State Supported Living Center feed paper into shredders as part of their therapy.

MEXIA — At the Mexia State Supported Living Center, on the sun-bleached site of a former World War II prisoner-of-war camp an hour east of Waco, residents with profound disabilities and behavioral problems spend their days doing repetitive chores: sticking paper into shredders, folding towels, sorting nuts from bolts. And, in some cases, being physically abused, despite a sweeping federal settlement signed in 2009 to prevent it.

In the last two years, a Mexia worker was caught on video pushing a disabled resident down and stepping on his throat while other employees looked on. A staffer goaded one resident into hitting another with a belt, causing bloody wounds and a trip to the emergency room. A direct care worker showed residents pornographic pictures and tried to get them to perform oral sex on him; another sexually abused two residents.

This pattern of abuse appears pronounced in Mexia, where roughly half of the disabled residents are alleged criminal offenders and nearly a third are under age 21. But two-and-a-half years after Texas officials signed an agreement with the U.S. Attorney General’s office aimed at improving conditions in the state’s 13 institutions — following a U.S. Justice Department investigation that found avoidable deaths, civil rights violations and systemic abuse — a Texas Tribune review of facility monitoring reports and employee disciplinary records shows mistreatment is still relatively commonplace. And though there’s been some evidence of improvement, the state’s federally designated disability watchdog group Disability Rights says that halfway into the five-year settlement agreement, not even a quarter of its requirements have been met.

“It’s all just as bad,” said Beth Mitchell, Disability Rights’ supervising attorney. “The numbers suggest less physical abuse, but we still see a lot of really significant cases. I can’t tell you that there’s one shining example of a wonderful facility, because there’s not.”

Officials with the Department of Aging and Disability Services, which oversees the state supported living centers, point to evidence of compliance, from advances in security to improvements in staffing. Nearly 3,500 security cameras have been installed across Texas’ institutions for the disabled. Each facility has an independent investigator to monitor abuse. New employees are now fingerprinted and run through background checks before they’re hired, and existing employees are subject to random drug tests.

Today, 94 percent of facility jobs are filled, a marked improvement over past years, even with the influx of more than a thousand new positions established under the settlement agreement. Staff turnover has dropped. And there are now more than three employees for every resident, in part because the census at the state supported living centers has dropped by nearly 800 residents since late 2008.

But despite this falling population, more consistent staffing and annual spending that has grown by nearly 50 percent since 2006, abuse allegations have continued to rise steadily, with the percent of confirmed allegations hovering at 9 percent. The agency attributes this to better investigations: In the last fiscal year, 375 workers were fired or forced to resign because they abused or neglected disabled residents, more than in any of the previous three years.

Justice Department officials declined to comment on Texas’ efforts thus far. But Aging and Disability Services spokeswoman Cecilia Fedorov said meeting the terms of the agreement is intended to be a “long-term” process and that “milestone dates” laid out in the agreement are guidelines, not deadlines.

“While progress toward and achievement of substantial compliance has been slower than anticipated by the state,” she said in a statement, “efforts continue to be sustained in every facility.”

Federal investigators have a lengthy history with Texas’ state-supported living centers, formerly known as state schools. The Justice Department sent a team into a Lubbock facility in 2005, releasing a highly critical report in 2006 that cited more than 17 deaths at the institution in the previous 18 months.

Clearly not swayed by the improvements state leaders had made, in 2008, the Justice Department announced it would investigate conditions in all 13 Texas institutions. Four months later, investigators published a scathing rebuke, saying residents’ constitutional rights had been violated, and threatened legal action if Texas didn’t resolve the problems.

In May 2009, four years after the initial investigation in Lubbock, state leaders signed a five-year, $112 million settlement agreement with the U.S. Attorney General’s office, pledging to improve standards of care, increase oversight and monitoring, and enhance staffing.

On a recent visit to the 500-acre Mexia State Supported Living Center, many of these efforts were visible, from paper signs listing the phone number of an abuse and neglect hotline to strategically placed surveillance cameras to the nondescript dormitory office that’s home to a state abuse investigator. A sign at the entrance to the property advertised: “Now hiring!”

The workers on duty that morning — many of them veterans with decades of experience — helped residents with their daily tasks, from planting carrots in a garden to removing staples from paper for shredding. They showed off squeaky clean cement and linoleum-floored dormitories, an on-site hair salon, a café with a juke box and old movie posters. They shuttled residents between bedrooms and bathrooms and therapy sessions, interacting with a familial warmth that made the facility’s confirmed abuse allegations seem hard to fathom.

Yet firing records show awful abuse continues, and not just at Mexia. In the years since the settlement agreement was signed, a staffer at the Lubbock State Supported Living Center beat a resident he was trying to shave and slammed his head into a cabinet. An employee at the Richmond State Supported Living Center was captured on video kicking a resident in the legs, punching him in the neck and chest and striking him on the head. And a staffer at the Abilene facility kicked a resident in the head eight times. At Mexia, an employee started a romantic liaison with a resident, sending the resident nude photos and calling the resident’s cell phone 452 times. Another worker there failed to supervise a resident, who was able to construct a Molotov Cocktail.

In late spring, seven staffers at the Corpus Christi State Supported Living Center were fired for abuse allegations that still haven’t been disclosed. That’s the same facility where dozens of employees were fired in 2009 for forcing disabled residents into staged fights. Five were convicted of crimes.

A disabled resident at the Mexia State Supported Living Center works in the community garden.

Fedorov, the Aging and Disability Services spokeswoman, said the agency has zero tolerance for any abuse or neglect whatsoever. She said for the most part, the workers at these facilities are amazing — but that with any public entity, from a school district to a hospital system, there will at times be bad apples.

“You have good days and bad days anywhere,” she said. “No matter what you do, from fingerprints to employment history, bad things sometimes happen.”

But watchdogs say that’s not an acceptable explanation. Whether the Justice Department will acknowledge it, they say, Texas is not living up to its end of the bargain — as evidenced by the results of frequent status reports released on each facility by independent monitors.

Mitchell said the federal settlement requires facilities to come into compliance with 171 provisions by the end of the agreement — and that they should have made “substantial” progress on at least 150 of them so far. On average, she said, the state supported living centers have only met 20 percent of those 150 provisions, according to Disability Rights’ analysis of facility monitoring reports. The Richmond and Corpus Christi state supported living centers haven’t even broken 13 percent, Mitchell said.

Mitchell said despite reductions in staff turnover, keeping qualified people in their direct care or nursing jobs is still a major problem. She said breakdowns in communication still prevent residents from getting the proper therapy and treatment they need. And while security cameras have reduced abuse, it still happens outside their view. In some cases, Mitchell said, facilities will come into compliance with certain standards — and then fall back out of it again.

“As much as the department wants to continue to say they have fixed their problems, we don’t see that, and I don’t think the monitors see that,” Mitchell said. “The fact that we’re still seeing a lot of abuse cases that are pretty significant — the only lucky thing is that now they’re being caught on camera.”

Texas Gov. Rick Perry’s presidential campaign hinges on one overarching message: that states perform best when left to their own devices and federal regulators should butt out. Yet during his decade-long tenure in the governor’s office, Perry and his staff repeatedly downplayed the severity of abuse and neglect allegations at Texas’ state-run institutions for the disabled — until conditions became so dire that the U.S. attorney general was forced to intervene.   

“They haven’t taken it seriously,” said Joe Tate, a policy specialist with Community Now!, an organization that supports the closure of Texas’ institutions for the disabled. “We hear all the time from lawmakers that there’s not the political will to make changes. That political will — the knowledge that we have deadly, dangerous institutions — could come from the governor’s office.”

Perry spokeswoman Lucy Nashed said the governor’s office has taken reports of abuse and neglect in Texas' state-supported living centers seriously from the very beginning. Early in his first term, he signed legislation and issued an executive order designed to improve conditions and give disabled residents more options to move out of the institutions.

In 2005, when he learned problems in the state-supported living centers had not abated, his office said he made sure the Department of Aging and Disability Services, which oversees Texas’ 13 institutions, had the resources to fund reform.

“Gov. Perry is committed to ensuring the safety of the residents in these facilities, and we take each of these claims very seriously,” Nashed said. “We continue to monitor the progress they are making toward meeting the terms of the agreement.”

But a look back at the timeline of abuse reports — and the response of the governor’s office to them — paints a far more nuanced picture.

After the U.S. Department of Justice released a report critical of conditions at the Lubbock State School in 2006 — saying there had been more than 17 deaths there in 18 months — the governor’s office suggested the problems had already been solved.

“Some would like to ramp up another emotional issue,” Perry spokesman Robert Black said at the time, referring to a recent abuse and neglect scandal in Texas’ juvenile justice system, the Texas Youth Commission (TYC).  

When a 2007 Dallas Morning News investigation found hundreds of mentally and physically disabled residents of the state-supported living centers had suffered serious abuse at the hands of those paid to watch over them, Perry’s office cautioned against any assumptions that the system was flawed and said despite reports of physical and sexual assault, the centers shouldn’t be compared to the abuse-ridden TYC.

“It’s important not to sensationalize these incidents,” then-spokeswoman Krista Moody said. “They should not be portrayed as though they happened yesterday and no action has been taken.”

And in August 2008, when the Justice Department announced it was going to investigate conditions inside all of Texas’ institutions for the disabled — not just in Lubbock — Perry’s office was nonplussed.

“We expected that [the Department of Justice] would expand their investigation to all state schools as they have done in other states,” spokeswoman Allison Castle said. She added that the governor is “always interested in ways to improve state government.”

Four months later — and two years after the original Justice Department report — the U.S. attorney general’s office sent Perry a 60-page letter threatening legal action if Texas didn’t resolve the problems, including residents dying of preventable conditions and hundreds of employees being fired for abuse and neglect.

Only when faced with legal action and monetary damages did Perry’s tone shift: In February 2009 he declared protecting the residents of Texas’ institutions for the disabled a legislative emergency. In May 2009, the state reached an agreement with U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder to spend $112 million over five years to improve care and enhance staffing at the institutions.

Asked at the time why it had taken so long to pass needed legislation, Perry said that health and human services agencies have “always been difficult to address” and that Texas was a big state with lots of needs. “My focus has always been, when an issue bubbles up to the top, to bring in the best people you can find,” he said.

Halfway through the five-year settlement agreement, Texas’ federally appointed watchdog group says the state has met just 20 percent of the standards required to comply. To this, too, the governor’s office is taking a glass-half-full approach.

“The governor expects DADS to continue to work toward full compliance of the settlement agreement,” Nashed said. “While there is still work to be done, each facility and their staff continue to make significant progress toward substantial compliance, including better reporting, investigation, prosecution and firing of individuals who commit these crimes.

Reports of Abuse and Neglect at State Supported Living Centers

Employee First Name Last Name Date Facility Event Description Result
Rory White 1/13/08 Mexia Abuse - Physical Forced a resident to take cold showers as punishment. Fired
Patrick Franklin 1/29/08 Mexia Abuse - Physical Hit a resident in the chest with a belt. Fired
Myra Baker 2/1/08 Mexia Abuse - Physical Slapped a resident on the face, back, ribs. Fired
Rosa Curiel 2/11/08 Abilene Neglect - Fell Asleep Fell asleep while driving and flipped the vehicle. Fired
Patrice Baldwin 2/29/08 San Antonio Abuse - Physical Hit client with knee in buttocks and tried to kick him. Fired
Ramona Martinez 2/29/08 Abilene Abuse - Physical Hit a resident with a walking cane on the stomach, legs and head. Fired
Sarah Trevino 3/18/08 Mexia Abuse - Physical Bit a resident, slammed him into a window sill, and hit him. Fired
Lashanda Powell 3/21/08 Brenham Abuse - Physical Used a stick nicknamed "soldier boy" to discipline residents. Hit a resident in the face with the stick, five residents had bruising. Fired
Shanequa Green 3/27/08 Abilene Abuse - Emotional Yelled “I hate you” and “sit the fuck down.” Fired
Jeremy Willingham 3/31/08 Denton Abuse - Physical Blocked patient in the closet, possibly sustaining minor injuries on patient's back. Fired
Toby Falcon 4/8/08 Lufkin Abuse - Physical Hit client in the eye, causing bruising. Fired
Ray Burns 4/14/08 Mexia Abuse - Physical Hit a resident in the face, and dragged the resident from a chair. Fired
Mildred Ryan 4/20/08 Lubbock Abuse - Physical Repeatedly hit patient across the back with a fist. Fired
Hatchett 5/19/08 Lubbock Abuse - Physical Grabbed patient's wrists so tight she was forced to the ground. Also slapped her forehead. Fired
Lottie Holcomb 6/10/08 Lufkin Abuse - Physical Hit client with trashcan lid for masturbating in the bathroom. Fired
Marlon Gardner 6/11/08 Denton Abuse - Physical Threw a helmet at a resident's eye, hitting him and causing a cut. Fired
Latasa Luellen 6/12/08 Lubbock Abuse - Physical Rubbed patient's face in soiled sheets. Fired
Anna Ybarra 6/16/08 San Angelo Abuse - Physical Hit client several times in the head with fist. Fired
Greg Dunn 6/17/08 Mexia Abuse - Physical Kicked a resident in the side. Fired
Stephanie Hamner 6/24/08 Denton Abuse - Physical Yanked a resident into the apartment by the belt. Fired
Rosa Sanchez 6/24/08 Abilene Abuse - Physical Called resident a bitch and closed the office door, hurting the resident. Fired
Darren Jacobs 8/7/08 Denton Neglect - Lack of Supervision Lack of supervision allowed patients to engage in inappropriate sexual behavior. Demoted
William Lyons 9/16/08 Abilene Abuse - Physical Punched a resident in the face. Fired
Maria Velasquez 10/1/08 Denton Neglect - Lack of Supervision Didn't watch a resident who was later found wandering outside. Suspended
Rebecca Boles 10/6/08 Lufkin Abuse - Physical Hit client with a belt. Fired
Jamaica Davis 10/21/08 Denton Neglect - Failure to Intervene Didn't intervene when another worker whipped a resident with a towel. Fired
Tara Quicksall 10/30/08 San Angelo Abuse - Physical Pried client's eyes open with fingers while holding her down. Fired
Shquonna Collins 12/1/08 Mexia Abuse - Physical Slapped resident in the face over a shoplifting incident. Fired
Stefon Brown 12/14/08 Mexia Abuse - Physical Shoved and slapped a resident. Told him to "go fuck your mother." Fired
Trimika Owens 12/27/08 Mexia Abuse - Physical Hit a resident in the face and stomach. Fired
Shari Rusnak 12/31/08 Mexia Abuse - Physical Shoved a resident, choked him, kneed him in the groin, and banged his head against the wall. Fired
Demarcus Tiller 12/31/08 Mexia Abuse - Physical Punched and beat a resident. Unknown Outcome
Ashley David 1/9/09 Denton Abuse - Physical Pushed a resident too fast in a wheelchair, injuring two of her fingers. Fired
Barbara Walker 1/16/09 Mexia Abuse - Emotional Trapped resident in a closet. Unknown Outcome
Jerry Quigley 1/22/09 Lubbock Abuse - Physical Hit a resident on the head, pulled his hears, choked him. Unknown Outcome
Kimberly McClelland 1/23/09 Lufkin Abuse - Physical Struck client with radio cord multiple times. Fired
Thomas Hildreth 2/25/09 Denton Abuse - Emotional Dripped watter on a patient's head knowing the patient does not like it. Continued after he was told to stop. Fired
Tim Peterson 3/12/09 Austin Abuse - Physical Kicked client in the stomach. Fired
Jarrell Whitley 5/1/09 Brenham Abuse - Physical Pushed client into wall, choked him, and dragged him into his room. Fired
Nathaha Newsome 5/11/09 Brenham Abuse - Physical Popped client on the side of the head with and open hand. Unknown Outcome
Elona Scarborough 5/12/09 Abilene Abuse - Sexual Wrote a note and drew pictures relating to patient's sexual likes and dislikes. Fired
James Slaine 5/18/09 Mexia Abuse - Physical Choked, kicked and hit a resident. Fired
Berwin West 5/19/09 Lufkin Neglect - Lack of Supervision Lack of supervision allowed two clients to engage in sexual acts. Fired
Joyce Williams 5/22/09 Richmond Abuse - Physical Hit a resident's buttocks while changing him, and called him a "lazy bastard." Fired
Joyce Williams 5/22/09 Richmond Abuse - Emotional Called a patient “lazy bastard” and hit patient's buttocks when changing him. Fired
Rachel Phillips 6/3/09 Denton Abuse - Physical Sprayed a patient with a fire extinguisher, claiming it was self defense. Fired
Donnell Smith 6/6/09 Lubbock Abuse - Physical Choked patient while trying to restrain him. Fired
Montinique Wahsington 7/5/09 Austin Abuse - Physical Kicked resident in her side, grabbed hips and held her down for five to 10 minutes. Fired
Rachel Schroth 8/20/09 San Angelo Abuse - Physical Hit client in the buttocks/hip while restraining her. Fired
Joseph Perez 8/21/09 Abilene Abuse - Physical Kicked a resident in the head eight times. Fired
LaTasha Tucker 8/23/09 Denton Abuse - Physical Dragged a patient by the arms and legs when patient refused to put shirt and bra back on. Sustained minor injuries. Fired
Tyesha Floyd 8/24/09 Corpus Christi Abuse - Physical Directed a resident to beat up another and did not intervene. Fired
Enrique Santos 9/17/09 Austin Abuse - Physical Grabbed and yanked at resident's gait belt. Hit client in the jaw. Fired
Chasa West 9/17/09 Abilene Neglect - Fell Asleep Fell asleep, which allowed a patient to leave the house. Fired
Wayne Bibby 9/20/09 Mexia Abuse - Physical Hit a resident in the face. Fired
Samuel Lynch 9/30/09 Mexia Abuse - Emotional Offered a resident money to suck another resident's toe. Told another resident that he should "be shot, and his body taken out to a pasture to be torn apart by wild hogs." Fired
Alexandrea Roberson 10/16/09 Lubbock Abuse - Physical Pushed resident into chair, then pushed her out and yelled “get out of this chair.” Fired
Wilmer Davis 11/20/09 Mexia Abuse - Physical Punched resident in the face four times. Fired
David Thorton 11/22/09 Lubbock Abuse - Physical Forcefully held down resident's head in effort to shave him. Seen beating client and slamming his his head into cabinet. Fired
Angie Reeves 11/27/09 Mexia Abuse - Sexual Employee sent sexual nude pictures to resident. Called resident's phone 452 times, sent 29 text messages. Fired
Kirstin Hicks 12/1/09 Abilene Abuse - Physical Slapped a resident, pulled her hair, and spit in her face. Fired
Cameshia Lewis 12/8/09 Brenham Abuse - Physical Slapped client with an open hand. Fired
Amber Barrera 12/9/09 Denton Neglect - Lack of Supervision Locked herself in the bathroom, leaving patients unsupervised. One patient stabbed the other several times with scissors. Fired
Jahaziel Candanoza 12/12/09 Mexia Abuse - Physical Tried to choke a resident. Fired
Kimberly Mixon 12/21/09 Lufkin Abuse - Physical Slapped a patient causing redness and scratches. Fired
Ricardo Calderon 12/30/09 Lubbock Abuse - Physical Hit, kicked and stomped on client while on the ground. Fired
Marquie Collins 1/1/10 Abilene Neglect - Lack of Supervision Did not supervise patients playing and one of them slammed their hand in a door. Fired
Chassie Hall 1/27/10 Mexia Neglect - Lack of Supervision Didn't watch a resident who created a Molotov Cocktail. Unknown Outcome
Marin Reyes 2/3/10 Abilene Neglect - Fell Asleep Fell asleep twice while watching a “one-to-one” patient. Fired
William Reimann 2/17/10 Abilene Neglect - Fell Asleep Fell asleep while supervising a high risk patient. Fired
Antwon Green 2/20/10 Lubbock Abuse - Physical Punched client causing redness and bruising around the eye. Fired
Rotrina Davis 2/22/10 Brenham Abuse - Physical Hit client on the head with a wooden broom handle Fired
Lupe Valdez 2/25/10 Richmond Abuse - Physical Punched and pushed a resident in the stomach. Fired
Angelica Pesina 3/11/10 Abilene Abuse - Sexual Engaged in an inappropriate sexual relationship with a resident. Fired
Katelynn Meller 3/15/10 San Antonio Abuse - Physical Grabbed and slapped a client. Fired
Katherine Sargent 3/15/10 Abilene Abuse - Physical Pulled and twisted residents ears to get her to move. Fired
Daniel Davison 3/25/10 Mexia Abuse - Sexual Sexually exploited a resident. Touched a second male resident in the groin. Fired
Kathy Lewis-Baker 3/29/10 Denton Abuse - Physical Pulled a resident's arm. Forced other staff to remove the resident's clothes and keep him in his room. Unknown Outcome
Quida Bledsoe 5/3/10 Mexia Abuse - Emotional Employee paid a resident $10 to steal a medical professional's cell phone. Fired
Janet Fashae 5/29/10 Denton Abuse - Physical Hit a resident on the buttocks with a fly swatter, leaving marks. Fired
Patience Aihie 6/14/10 Richmond Abuse - Physical Repeatedly hit a resident on the top of his head with her hand. Fired
Jenifer Gerbert 6/19/10 Lubbock Abuse - Physical Kicked client on her left temple. Fired
Mark Noriega 6/21/10 Richmond Abuse - Physical Dragged a resident from the shower to the hallway. Unknown Outcome
Shetara Swearengin 7/2/10 Lubbock Abuse - Physical Slapped client twice causing swollen and bruised eye. Fired
Lucy Utley 7/13/10 Denton Abuse - Physical Swatted patient's arms. Fired
Juan Moralez 7/14/10 Richmond Neglect - Lack of Supervision Left a resident soiled with feces for nearly an hour without cleaning him. Unknown Outcome
Samuel Williams 7/25/10 Mexia Abuse - Sexual Showed individuals pornographic pictures and asked them to perform oral sex on him. Evidence found in his cell phone. Fired
Joe Williams 7/27/10 Mexia Abuse - Physical Punched a resident in the jaw. Fired
Abraham Gracia 7/28/10 Austin Abuse - Physical Intentionally hit a resident in the face. Fired
Jacob Schneider 8/3/10 Mexia Abuse - Physical Put a resident in a choke hold. Fired
Christopher Ryar 8/23/10 San Angelo Neglect - Lack of Supervision Lack of supervision allowed two clients to engage in sexual acts. Fired
Genetter Love 8/25/10 Richmond Abuse - Physical Hit a resident in the face. Fired
Tomekia Wade 8/28/10 Lufkin Abuse - Physical Slapped client causing redness. Fired
Laveta McGaha 9/5/10 Lubbock Abuse - Physical Hit a resident in the jaw with a closed fist. Unknown Outcome
Erica Riley 9/13/10 Denton Abuse - Physical Hit patient in the back of the knees, causing the patient to buckle and fall on the floor. Fired
Roberta Menefield 9/15/10 San Angelo Abuse - Physical Cursed at client. Pushed and hit a client's fingers with a telephone. Fired
Merilu Pratt 9/15/10 Abilene Abuse - Physical Placed knee on patient's back and sat on him. Fired
Lorenzo Barrios 9/17/10 Lubbock Abuse - Physical Hit client on left side of face. Fired
Rosalind Gonzalez 9/30/10 Denton Abuse - Physical Dragged a resident out of her bedroom by her belt. Fired
Olukemi Grace Shotayo 10/4/10 Denton Abuse - Physical Pulled patient out of wheelchair and threw her on sofa. No injuries sustained. Fired
Crystal Rosas 10/13/10 Lubbock Abuse - Physical Grabbed patient's hair and slammed her head against the dresser. Fired
Stacie Collins 10/18/10 Denton Abuse - Physical Grabbed back of patient's shirt, causing her to fall. When the patient got up, she hit the patient in the back of the knee causing her to fall down again. Fired
Scott Langley 10/21/10 Denton Abuse - Sexual Kissed patient on lips twice. Fired
Water Overstreet 10/21/10 Denton Abuse - Physical Shoved a resident's face on the floor. Fired
Johnny Moore 10/25/10 Mexia Abuse - Physical Hit resident twice in the face. Fired
Felix Ekezie 10/27/10 Denton Abuse - Physical Sprayed a patient with Oasis 297 cleaner on back of head and back. Fired
Reginald Norman 11/1/10 Mexia Abuse - Physical Kicked a resident in the face, claimed it was a response to someone trying to stab him. Fired
Shandolyn Lewis 11/26/10 Brenham Abuse - Physical Hit client with bathroom door three times while he lay on floor, then manipulated other patients to take the blame. Fired
Nikki Ascol 12/6/10 San Angelo Abuse - Physical Choked patient during restraint. Fired
William Higdon 12/22/10 San Antonio Abuse - Physical Hit client in the head with a metal bell causing three stables to close the wound. Fired
Uduak Akpabio 12/28/10 Richmond Neglect - Lack of Supervision Lost a resident who was later found outside in 30 degree temperatures eating cigarette butts. Suspended
Geneva Smith 12/28/10 Denton Abuse - Physical Put hands in resident's face, became aggressive and attempted to hit the resident. Fired
Ronald Crow 1/1/11 Brenham Abuse - Physical Hit client with fist. Fired
Megan Reyes 1/8/11 Richmond Abuse - Physical Pulled mittens out of patient's mouth, then beat the patient with her fist in the back of her head. Fired
Maria Zamora 1/8/11 Richmond Abuse - Physical Hit client three times on the head with her fist. Fired
Skyler McConnell 1/20/11 Mexia Abuse - Physical Incited one resident to hit another with a belt, causing serious injury and a trip to the emergency room. Four staples needed to close the wound. Fired
Geneva Smith 1/26/11 Denton Abuse - Physical Became aggressive and attempted to hit patient. Unknown Outcome
Derrick Pollard 1/28/11 Denton Abuse - Physical Punched patient twice. Fired
Oladipo Jegede 1/30/11 Richmond Abuse - Physical Kicked a resident in the legs, punched him in the neck and chest and struck him on the head. Captured on video. Resigned
Tessarina Walker 2/16/11 San Angelo Neglect - Failure to Intervene Did not intervene as one inmate attacked another on multiple occasions. Fired
Christina Garcia 2/19/11 Abilene Abuse - Physical Kicked the back of resident's wheelchair causing her to fall out of it. Fired
James Mitchell 3/6/11 Abilene Abuse - Emotional Made fun of patient for having one arm, threw a comforter on patient and told him he could not do anything with one arm. Fired
Charles Nunley 3/8/11 Lubbock Abuse - Physical Pushed resident hard enough to make the resident fall. Fired
Ashley Peacock 3/21/11 Richmond Abuse - Physical Punched resident in face, then continued to beat him. Captured on video. Fired
Julieta Neira 3/28/11 San Angelo Abuse - Physical Attacked client after being spit on by client. Slammed her into a wall and wiped the spit from her face to the client's. Suspended
Jessica Andrews 4/19/11 Mexia Abuse - Physical Punched and hit resident multiple times. Fired
Rawshana Randle 4/24/11 Richmond Neglect - Failure to Intervene Did not report two staff members and residents who were having sex with each other. Fired
Donny Lovelady 4/27/11 Lufkin Abuse - Physical Grabbed clients arm excessively, pushed him into restroom, slapped his back right side. Fired
Scarlett Sharp 6/3/11 San Angelo Abuse - Physical Used excessive force to intervene when another employee was attacked. Fired
Antonio Cheeves 7/16/11 Mexia Abuse - Physical Physically abused resident by pushing him onto bed, putting foot onto his throat. Caught on video. Other employees ignore it. Fired

Use our slideshow to take a virtual visit to the Mexia State Supported Living Center an hour east of Waco, home to hundreds of residents with disabilities, some of whom are alleged criminal offenders.

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