Census 2010 Interactive Map: Households by Race/Ethnicity and Type

With our latest Census 2010 interactive, we visualize data that was released by the United States Census Bureau in Summary File 1. It's a more detailed view of data collected during the 2010 Census that shows a broad range of information, from the average number of children living in a particular tract or county, to a breakdown of the different types of households in a given area. To learn more about Summary File 1, click here.

This interactive map displays the percentage of household types in different shades by race/ethnicity. Darker colors signifying higher numbers of households led by a particular race/ethnicity. Select a county to view a table of that county's figures. Use the drop-down menu above the map to change the view.

* Residents who listed Hispanic, Latino or Spanish origin can be of any race.

Select a county

Number of Households
Total % of Households
All -- --
White -- --
Black -- --
Hispanic -- --
Asian -- --
Multiple Races -- --
Household Breakdowns
2000 2010
Total Households -- --
Husband/Wife Households -- --
Male Householder -- --
Female Householder -- --
Householder (Alone) -- --
Householder (Not Alone) -- --