Interactive: The Cost of Texas vs. the Federal Government

*Correction appended.

What are Texas' lawsuits against the federal government costing the state? $881,000 and counting. This interactive breaks down the costs of the 24 lawsuits that Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott has brought against the federal government during his 10 years in office.

Spending will increase as litigation continues, and you'll likely notice two recently filed lawsuits, involving the Women's Health Program and the so-called Contraception Rule, are included in the graph but don't show any associated costs. Lawyers and other staff members have not yet filed billing reports for their work on those cases. Also note that we grouped together the multiple lawsuits that Texas has pending against the Environmental Protection Agency.

The redistricting case included in this graph is the preclearance case that Abbott had filed, seeking approval from the Department of Justice for the original maps approved by Texas lawmakers. Check out this story to see how the total $1.5 million redistricting bill added up.

Some of the amounts are so low they may be difficult to see on the graph. The state only paid $151 in hourly salary and overhead for the case regarding the Neches Wildlife Refuge, for example, which is practically impossible to see next to the $726,000 spent on the redistricting lawsuit. Clicking on the legend to add or remove a category from view will help you see smaller amounts that may not be clearly shown in the starting view.

For more information on the active lawsuits that Texas has pending against the feds, check out this Tribune interactive.

*This story originally contained an error in its total costs for the redistricting case that Abbott filed seeking preclearance. There had been $376,800 included in outside counsel costs. In actuality, the attorney's general office spent $395,000. The total cost is still roughly $1.25 million, but the outside counsel cost shown in the graph has been corrected.

The following cases included in the graph are no longer active. For more information on the original case or how it ended, see the links we've included: Doggett Education Amendment, Deepwater Horizon Drilling Moratorium, Kickapoo Gambling Case, 2006 Medicare "Clawback" payments, Neches Wildlife Refuge, Railroad Commission Pipeline Rules.