Interactive: 2011 Texas School District Accountability Ratings

The Texas Education Agency released the 2011 accountability ratings for the state's 1,228 districts on July 29. Search our ratings database and compare how your district fared this year compared to last.

Many will have lower ratings — even though, in many cases, their student achievement has remained the same. That's because the formula used to calculate the ratings, based primarily on students' standardized test scores, no longer includes a mechanism called the Texas Projection Measure. The TPM gauged students’ future test scores based on a campus-wide average instead of using their actual test scores and had the effect of giving schools credit for students passing when they hadn't.

Far fewer schools achieved the highest ratings than last year, and the number of schools ranked as "unacceptable" went up. Sift through the chart below to see all of the changes between 2010 and 2011.

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