Interactive Map: Nov. 8 Amendment Vote by County

On Nov. 8, Texas voters approved seven of the 10 proposed amendements to the state constitution. Props 4, 7 and 8 — new bonding authority for counties, a conservation district in El Paso County and tax breaks for landowners who practice good water stewardship — all failed.

The Tribune scraped election numbers from the Texas Secretary of State website, and after some cleaning we have produced a county-by-county breakdown of voting results. Use the map below to see how many voters supported or rejected a proposition, how many registered voters live in each county, and the percentage of those who visited the polls.

To see a more detailed description of each constitutional amendment, visit our story from election night.

Choose a Proposition:
Voting by County for Prop 1
Prop 1 PASSED in Texas.
Votes Percentage
FOR 568,959 82.9%
AGAINST 117,520 17.1%