Texas Gov. Rick Perry may be nearing the finish line of the biggest race in his political career. Back in August 2o11, he announced his intent to run for the Republican presidential nomination in South Carolina. On Saturday, Jan. 21, 2012— the Palmetto State may be the place where his hopes are dashed.

Regardless of whether you love him or hate him, Perry maintains a jet-setter's lifestyle that indicates he has transcended Texas politics to become a national figure. That's why The Texas Tribune created the PerryTracker, a map that shows the location and purpose of his travels dating back to November 2010, when Perry won his re-election bid, embarked on a U.S. book tour, and took over as head of the Republican Governors Association. Within a 14-month span, the state's longest-serving executive-turned-presidential hopeful has made more than 220 appearances outside the Lone Star State.

With the exception of a handful of Texas events, our map shows he has spent a majority of his time in the early primary states of Iowa and South Carolina. (By mid-Fall, the map shows Perry stopped regular visits to New Hampshire. He never gained traction among voters there and landed in sixth place during the Jan. 10 primary.)

Will this weekend's first primary in the South mark the end of Perry's nomadic ways? We'll just have to wait and see.

You may notice a few future events below where some information is still unknown. If you have any information concerning these appearances, or know of any appearances he has made that are not listed, please contact us or bring it to our attention via @TribData.

Note: Yellow dates and markers represent future events. Green markers represent events in the next seven days.