Texas Diabetes Rates: 2010-2040

The number of Texas adults with diabetes is set to quadruple over the next three decades, from roughly 2 million to nearly 8 million, according to new projections released today by the Texas Health Institute, the State Demographer's Office and Methodist Healthcare Ministries of South Texas. Those hardest hit will be Latinos in South Texas and the Rio Grande Valley, demographers suggest, where obesity is particularly prevalent and health insurance coverage is extremely low.

Use this interactive map to track diabetes rates in Texas through 2040. The light red color indicates a lower diabetes rate; the dark red color indicates a higher rate. Click on a county to see how its population of diabetics will grow over time.

CHANGE YEAR: 2010 | 2020 | 2030 | 2040
Sources: Texas Health Institute, State Demographer Office, Methodist Healthcare Ministries of South Texas | Download .CSV: 2010, 2020, 2030, 2040