Interactive: Which Strip Clubs Are Paying Up?

A $5-per-patron strip club fee was passed in 2007 and expected to raise $40 million in the first year to finance sexual assualt programs and low-income health insurance. Four years later, the state has only raised $14.5 million. None of the money has been spent on sexual assault prevention or on health insurance as the state awaits a ruling on the law’s constitutionality from the Texas Supreme Court. And just 111 of the state’s 176 strip clubs have paid any money, according to an analysis of the state comptroller’s records.

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Use the dropdown below to switch between different cities with strip club managing offices (note the three out of state locations) to see how much money each club has paid, or if they have paid at all. Click the icons on the map to see which office belongs to which management. Icons in green represent strip club organizations that have paid in the past, and icons in purple represent organizations that have not paid at all.


Strip Club Accounts With Previous Payments

Strip Club Accounts With No Payments