Interactive: The Cost of Three Texas Hurricanes

The Texas Windstorm Insurance Association, a quasi-public insurer of last resort for Texas coastal residents, has been at the center of a political disaster zone since Hurricane Ike hit the Texas coast in 2008. During the special session earlier this year, Texas lawmakers passed legislation to cut the costs of lawsuits following future storms and crack down on corruption at TWIA.

As TWIA prepares to roll out the changes in late September — in the middle of hurricane season — the Tribune examined data from Hurricanes Rita (2005), Dolly (2008) and Ike (2008) to assess the political claims made in the Legislature. Use the sortable table below or click on the map to compare the number of claims, lawsuits and the amount TWIA paid claimants for each of the storms. Check out the ten law firms with the biggest settlements from TWIA on the second tab with a comparison of lawsuit stats for each storm.

All Three | Rita 2005 | Dolly 2008 | Ike 2008
Comparison of TWIA Lawsuits Related to Hurricanes Ike 2008, Dolly 2008 and Rita 2005

HurricaneNumber of LawsuitsTotal SettlementsLitigation RateLaw Firms Representing TWIALegal Defense Spending
Rita 78 $4,210,374 0.72% 1 $1,775,732
Dolly 143 $10,584,575 1.92% 7 $1,634,466
Ike 5451 $379,211,571 6.07% 18 $47,739,326