Interactive: Texas Wrongful Conviction Explorer

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At least 86 Texans' convictions were overturned between 1989 and 2011, according to the National Registry of Exonerations. The Texas Tribune analyzed court rulings, media reports and pardon statements to determine the cases in which courts ruled that prosecutorial error contributed to a wrongful conviction. Use our interactive to learn more about each case. Yellow accents are used to highlight the cases involving prosecutorial error.

Click on a headshot to view information on the individual's case in the sidebar on the right.

Additional data gathering and reporting contributed by Brandi Grissom, Taylor Cammack, John Wayne Ferguson, Emily Foxhall, Zoë Gioja, Shefali Luthra, Olivia Newman and Hollie O'Connor.

Randall Adams
Gilbert Alejandro
Billy Frederick Allen
Gilbert Amezquita
Jason Barber
Michael Blair
Clarence Brandley
Brandy Briggs
Stephen Brodie
Joyce Ann Brown
A.B. Butler, Jr.
Kevin Byrd
Charles Chatman
Timothy B. Cole
Robert Carroll Coney
Roy Criner
Richard Danziger
Muneer Deeb
Dale Duke
Cornelius Dupree
Hicks Elliff
Jerry Lee Evans
Hilliard Fields
Wiley Fountain
Larry Fuller
Ronnie Mark Gariepy
James Curtis Giles
Donald Wayne Good
Andrew Gossett
Anthony Graves
Michael Anthony Green
Ricardo Aldape Guerra
John Michael Harvey
Eugene Henton
Antrone Johnson
Morris S. Jones
Entre Nax Karage
Martin Kimsey
Carlos Marcos Lavernia
Johnnie Lindsey
Debbie Loveless
Federico Macias
Thomas McGowan
Billy Wayne Miller
John Miller
LaDondrell Montgomery
Brandon Moon
Michael Morton
Fredda Susie Mowbray
Arthur Mumphrey
Lacresha Murray
Christopher Ochoa
Steven Phillips
Johnny Pinchback
David Shawn Pope
Allen Wayne Porter
Ricardo Rachell
Jesus Ramirez
Anthony Robinson
George Rodriguez
Stephen Lynn Russell
Ben Salazar
Christopher Shun Scott
Michael Scott
Alberto Sifuentes
Claude Simmons, Jr.
Billy James Smith
Robert Springsteen
Richard Sturgeon
Josiah Sutton
Ronald Gene Taylor
Victor Larue Thomas
Michael Toney
Wesley Tuley
Keith Turner
James Waller
Patrick Waller
Gregory Wallis
Calvin E. Washington
Mark Webb
Joe Sidney Williams
Thomas Wayne Williams
Ernest Ray Willis
Richard Winfrey, Sr.
James Lee Woodard
Michael Anthony Woten
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