Interactive: Tracking Texas' Ethics Legislation

State lawmakers have talked a big game this session on transparency and ethics — but with less than a month to go in the 83rd legislative session, the bills they’ve filed haven’t made much progress. Use the dropdown menu to review the different ethics bills by category; the measures with the most recent action appear at the top. This app updates every two hours.

  • Campaign Finance – These bills affect laws and reporting around elections and campaign contributions.
  • Disclosure – These bills affect how much elected and appointed officials must reveal on personal financial disclosure forms.
  • Lobbying – These bills put greater restrictions on lobbyists and elected or appointed officials seeking to move into the lobby.
  • Conflict of Interest – These bills seek to dissuade or disclose potential conflicts of interest among elected or appointed officials.
  • Misc. Ethics – These bills don’t fall into the other categories but touch on ethics and disclosure.
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