Interactive Map: Wildfires, Burn Bans Across Texas

Editor's Note: This map of wildfires across Texas has not been updated since June 30, 2011, and should be considered out of date. If you are looking for information involving the September 2011 wildfires, please visit the Google Crisis Response page.

So far this year, the Texas Forest Service and local fire departments have responded to roughly 1,500 wildfires across Texas, the damage of which spreads across 2.5 million acres. (They’re currently fighting five uncontained fires statewide.) Local fire departments have responded to an additional 9,317 fires affecting 740,000 acres, bringing state totals for the year to approximately 11,000 fires damaging more than 3 million acres. To date, 1,339 structures have been destroyed, and fighting the fires has cost the state millions of dollars. The Texas Forest Services is reporting that all but 19 of Texas’ 254 counties have enacted burn bans, the most at any given time, and that disaster declarations are mounting.

Each icon on the interactive map below represents a fire the Texas Forest Service has responded to, with different icons representing the severity of the fire based on acres burned. The counties under the icons are color coded based on whether or not the county currently is under a burn ban. Use the table below the map to see how many fires have occurred in each county. Click on an icon for more details about that particular fire, or click on a county to see (at the top-right side of the map) if it currently is under a burn ban.

Please note: The map only represents fires severe enough to involve the Texas Forest Service, and does not include fires fought only by local fire departments.